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Bruno Ritter

If the formal ways tried until now by Ritter (from classical realism to informal, through incorporating of all the moods of central European Expressionism) seem to proceed by successes and fractures, denials and repentances, the stylistic code remains the same: the screetch and sometimes the scream of colors ( both combined in the brushstroke, and in their relationship with the rough surface like wrapping paper), the subtle caricatural vein à la Grosz, the irony, the restlessness and the nightmares of men stuck between the subhuman condition and the superhuman aspiration, the natural elegance and the remarkable sense of formal composition, charmed by the scream of color that reveals in its turn unsuspected harmonies, while the negative tension of a thought can never be overturned in catastrophe of the artistic mark.

“Gruppe”, 2019 Oil on canvas Triptych 50 X 210 cm
“Gruppe”, 2019
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