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Dec 23, 2020 - Apr 11, 2021

Galerie 10

Press Release

JD Malat Gallery is proud to present its new pop-up space in the world’s most unique Alpine Metropolis, St Moritz. This Winter, JD Malat Gallery will bring the work of its emerging and established international artists together in an effort to highlight the dynamic cross-cultural exchange between the gallery’s diverse programme and St
St Moritz has been a creative centre for many visionaries over the years. From the Giacometti family and the Alpine painter Giovanni Segantini, to intellectuals such as the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, and the writer Thomas Mann, St Moritz has since been widely recognised as a popular space where diverse traditions and cultures meet and
As a cultural hub that embraces diversity and welcomes creativity, the St Moritz pop-up space reflects the JD Malat Gallery goal to inspire and engage a diverse audience in the world of art.
‘Viewing our artists in a new context presents an exciting way of thinking about their art. While we hold solo exhibitions here in Mayfair, London, our pop-up in St Moritz will be a space dedicated to group exhibitions. Presenting our artists’ work collectively and in a new space will allow a new Robert Montgomery, SEAROCK SONGLINES, 2015, LED light sculpture. Photo: Mik Freud and creative international audience to appreciate art from across the globe.’ – Jean-David Malat, Founder.
For the first time, St Moritz will see the work of leading artists, such as the Colombian abstract expressionist Santiago Parra, the Ghanaian figurative painter Kojo Marfo, as well as American abstract painter Andy Moses and Turkish sculptor Hande Sekerciler.
The pop-up space will also present the work of artists who are already in prominent Swiss collections. The widely known Swiss painter of mountains, Conrad Jon Godly, the Icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks and the leading Post-War West Coast abstract painter Ed Moses will be shown collectively. Also returning to Switzerland is the work of leading
figurative painters Jean-Pierre Cassigneul and Henrik Uldalen, as well as the work of conceptual light and text artist Robert Montgomery.
By bringing each artist’s creative perspective to St Moritz, JD Malat Gallery hopes to strengthen the dialogue between international artists and make evident the connective and encompassing force of art.
JD Malat Gallery specialises in contemporary art and champions a broad spectrum of emerging and international contemporary artists. The programme consists of an array of exciting artists supported by year-round exhibitions and contemporary art fairs. JD Malat Gallery x St. Moritz celebrates the diverse and innovative programe that JD Malat
Gallery has to offer.

Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
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