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Orlando Marosini

Frantic energy predicated on a desire for energy exchange between painter and viewer, as well as liberal use of color and crowded space, are signatures of Orlando Marosini`s mixed media works. Inspired by modern artists such Jean-Michal Basquiat, George Condo and Basquiat`s own inspiration, Willem de Kooning, symbolism and abstraction are ever present components of Marosini`s art.

The almost tangibly familiar aspects of the unknown are of  particular interest to the artist, whose excitement at the possibility of illustrating these parallels directly impacts his inclination to use characters as vehicles for emotions.

The artist, whose work in the arts is a continuation of a family legacy, uses spray paint, oils, pastels, and colored pencils to create vivid imagery on surfaces ranging from wood to traditional canvas. Family was more than an influence on practice, but also in conceptualization. A prompt from Marosini`s father to “seek a person`s reactions by seeing their world”, resulted in the notion of using facial emotions as a way to gain insights about the inner worlds of others while also reflecting the self. 

Sweet Dreamz of A Strawberry � 190 x 155 cm � Mixed media on canvas � Orlando Marosini .JP
Sweet Dreams of a Strawberry, 2021/22
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