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July 14 – August 15, 2021


BVLGARI - Salotto Dell`Arte Contemporanea

Press Release

UNICUM, at the root of the Latin term, literally means ‘a unique example or specimen of something.’
In his body of abstract artwork, Perucchetti has manipulated his staple resin material, resulting in new, sculptural ways of displaying his art. These sculptures are individual testaments to the medium from which they are formed- matchless in their chemical composition, form, colour, texture and size. Yet together, they exemplify a serious achievement for the artist, cementing his place within the cannon of Contemporary Art.
Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by new materials and worked very hard at discovering new mediums for my work. This is obvious in my art.
For many, many years before I even started making Art formally, I devoted myself 100% to the arts, experimenting with forms, colours and mediums.
Some of the effects I achieved blew me away but, certainly in the early days, they often ended up being stored as prototypes, like heroes without a mission. I have now decided to expose some of those ideas to daylight.
I love Abstract as its art in its purest form, completely devoid of any restrictions.
Everything is so unique and at the same time so flexible that it changes according to individual interpretation. Abstract is a visual and emotional experience, which carries its own soul along with the ghost of the executioner, to the viewer.
A celebration of colour, form and technique, present in Art, UNICUM has a very unique fingerprint, which carries a sensuality not usually associated with the mediums I use.


Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
Galerie10 – Exhibition view
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